Failing to plan is planning to fail!

belive me

The list is the origin of culture. Wherever you look in cultural history, you will find lists.

Umberto Eco

First step: Registration

Quite simple - put your email address, username and password.
tip: this login will work for whole ReMemoMe solution.
... and that's it!

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TODO - basic usage

Create task

When you're login - on main page you can see your list ready to use!
Yes, simplicity is main goal!
Put task name into field and press ENTER

That's your first task!
You can add some description if you want.

Complete task

Click on checkbox and - done!

Delete task

If task is completed, and you are not interested in keeping history of them - you can delete it by clicking "X" on task's right side

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THIS is MOST important part - you can check if you broke your CHAIN or not!!!

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When you click history you will start going through them in cyclic way starting from last day you used TODO list.
If you hava incomplete tasks - you can:

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Some possible functionalilty: