Easiest todo list ever - it will bust your productivity in sec!

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Create your own research lab - keep track of all connected info from all possible sources.

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Work collaborativelly on anny project you want. Discover and share.

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TODO List - the easiest todo list ever.

If you want to be successfull in whatever you do, spend few minutes to make plan.
If you have no plan, you plan for failure.
Every day do some simple list of tasks that you're intended to do.
Update it whatever new task/issue arize.
Update it when its done.
At end of day you will know how you spent your day - it will be productive day!!!



RESEARCH - and collect all information in one single place.

Collect all information from different sources.
And keep them for ... whatever you want.

TeamWork - work together on any project you'd like .

Have all notes/ informations / webpages/ documents and work collaboratively with your friends/collegues!

  • preparation to birthday/stag/anniversary ... party
  • searching for family history past/ forgotten facts
  • working on new exciting project
  • learning new language
  • discovering unknown UFO facts and put them together
.. basically this is your big notice board that you can share with other!